Foster Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Into a Thriving Side Hustle

November 26, 2019

We are a nation that loves our “stuff”. We buy clothes, furniture, decor, gadgets, and so much more. It’s how Americans set the stage for life.


And during the holiday season, people get a lot MORE stuff. They don’t want to get rid of anything they already have; they want a place to keep it. It’s no surprise that the U.S. self-storage market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% in the 2019 through 2024 period. That’s why helping people store their belongings conveniently is a smart bet for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit.


It’s important to know that key traits of the entrepreneurial spirit are important not just for an independent business but also in being a successful franchisee who brings a much-needed product and/or service, such as a more convenient means of self-storage, to market.


Many people think of an “entrepreneur” as someone who invents a new concept out of thin air, but in reality, an entrepreneur simply identifies a need in the market not being served and answers the demand. Even though that same need may be met in other markets by franchise brands, it may be a new concept for an entrepreneur’s local area.


Turning Entrepreneurial Spirit Into a Side Hustle


The marriage of an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit and a franchise brand’s momentum and resources creates major potential for an excellent side hustle. Becoming a franchisee is the perfect course for especially an entrepreneur who has a full-time career and wants to branch out into other ventures.


Unlike a brand-new independent business, which requires the owner’s full attention, day and night, certain franchise concepts are well suited as a “side hustle” for enterprising owners. The very notion of “hustling” implies an entrepreneurial inclination.


Many professionals, even senior executives, today are channeling their entrepreneurial spirit into side hustles. Working all day for someone else can be financially rewarding, but for those looking to foster a restless entrepreneurial spirit into growing a side business, a turnkey franchise fits the bill just right.


Opening a franchise, unlike launching an independent business, comes with a huge head start for entrepreneurs. A franchise enables a side-gigging entrepreneur to benefit from an established concept that is new to his or her area, with great assistance from the corporate brand.


Finding the Right Franchise as a Side Business


The best types of franchises to work as a side hustle are those that not only meet a well defined demand but can be managed easily, even on a semi-absentee basis.


UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is an example of this kind of brand. A UNITS franchise usually only needs three staff members (driver, customer service rep, and sales person). The owner can delegate daily responsibilities to this tight crew and oversee them easily.


All the while, since the franchise is part of a franchise system, it has assistance from the UNITS company’s web development team, lead generation, proprietary software, marketing, and more.


This kind of “turnkey” franchise with a simple business model is a side-hustler’s dream. The established concept and system takes guesswork out of operation. A semi-absentee owner can run the franchise smoothly.


Hustle Onward and Upward


To reiterate, an entrepreneurial spirit is essential even in owning a franchise. It means starting something new in the market, and it requires risk and drive. But the myth that an entrepreneur has no help from others is just that: a myth. An entrepreneur is a catalyst for change.


Founded by Michael McAlhany in 2004, the mission of UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is to provide personal customer service while supplying the most innovative equipment in order to eliminate frustrations associated with moving and storage space issues.


UNITS Moving and Portable Storage currently has 24 franchised and three corporate territories across the United States. With a presence in more than 40 markets, and growing, the brand is looking to expand with the right people in the right markets.


For more information on how to take advantage of this opportunity, or simply to learn more about the moving and portable storage industry, visit and fill out the inquiry form. We will reach out to you to talk more about your interest in our brand, and how UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can help you reach your personal and financial goals.

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