Your Investment in UNITS®

The initial investment to own and operate a UNITS® Franchise ranges from $288,691 – $460,845 which includes:

  • Franchise Fee $55, 500 (minimum of 300,000 population)
  • 36 containers
  • UNITS® UPS Delivery System
  • Secured Warehouse
  • UNITS® collects 8% royalty and 2% marketing on a monthly basis
  • Initial investment can vary depending on how many territories purchased combined with working capital

Expanding UNITS® Territory

We’re always looking to expand our reach with new franchisees who have a passion for success and customer service. There are key markets still available in major metropolitan areas across the US open for purchase. Our territories range from 300K to 800K population depending on the market and location. Your protected territory is built around your location based upon our target customer demographics. Each territory’s size and shape depends on the nature of the geographic area. Boundaries are defined by zip code, county and city lines, streets and highways, trade areas, and natural barriers.