UNITS® Ideal Franchise Partner

The Ideal candidate for UNITS® Moving and portable storage is someone who has or has held a corporate job and desires to build a large overall asset through tangible assets/real estate. Our great performers have strong leadership and great people skills. Our most successful franchise partners have a management background with an understanding of sales and marketing. Our minimum net worth requirement is approximately $1M with $300K in liquidity. Our franchise models are easily financed through preferred vendor programs as well. Your success within UNITS is predicated upon these key characteristics:


Adequate capitalization and ability to obtain necessary financing for the size of the opportunity in your desired market.

Create a culture of long-term Customer Service Excellence and stability within your territory.

Be a leader but still work within the UNITS® franchise model framework to develop your partnership with UNITS® Franchise Group.

Dedication to the UNITS® core values of commitment to Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect and Transparency.

What This Means

This stringent criterion a unique and hassle-free moving experience through secure, convenient, and affordable portable storage for families and businesses alike. We wish to provide our customers with the most efficient moving and storage experience possible and to maintain the integrity of our business and its components by establishing a new standard of excellence in customer service.