Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Franchise

June 1, 2022

When budding entrepreneurs are looking for a business to start, the most popular option is usually a franchise. Why? Because franchising provides benefits that a start-up cannot match. And those advantages are compelling reasons to acquire a franchise.

The Brand

It’s tough to know whether your business concept will be accepted and embraced by consumers. A franchise brand has already done this for you; all you have to do now is keep it up. Furthermore, a well-known name, logo, and product indicates that potential customers are familiar with what you have to offer before you ever open your doors.

IT Support

Your time might be better spent developing a consumer base rather than selecting payment systems or repairing computers if you’re not tech-savvy. In many sectors, franchisor technologies offer technical assistance, established POS systems, and integrated technology to help streamline back-office activities.


Franchisors spend money on national advertisements that help to grow and support the brand. They conduct market research and create a consistent message that encourages visitors to your website. All franchise company owners contribute financially to the costs via franchise fees.

Growth Options

Opening more locations is possible, but there are several barriers (an unknown brand, higher costs of goods, marketing expenses). With a franchise business model in mind, the purchase of a second site offers all of the benefits of the initial.


When it’s time to sell your business, you’ll have a well-known product for other investors. A franchisor also has an incentive to assist you in finding a suitable and competent replacement since they have a vested interest in your buyer.

A franchisor business model has a lot of advantages. It’s far easier to duplicate a popular brand than to build a new wheel from the ground up. UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage is offering lucrative franchise opportunities across the country. Start your evaluation today and join the UNITS® family!

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