What Does a Franchise Manager Do?

June 15, 2022

When it comes to a franchise, many potential franchisees are interested because it is a franchise. It features a tested and successful business model, readily identifiable branding, and training. Operations and procedures are also simpler to learn.

The franchise area manager is in charge of growing the franchisor’s presence in a certain region. They help franchisees develop their businesses and promote the franchisor’s brand. But what does the manager do for you after that?

Ensure brand values

When you join a franchise, you do so because there is consistency in your life and with your consumers. When buying (and delivering) a product or service, people have a general knowledge of what to anticipate. An area manager will assist you, as well as other franchise locations, in adhering to the brand’s mission statement. They’ll keep an eye on operations and make recommendations for changes that will keep the brand’s framework.

Seek area success

Some area managers focus entirely on regional sales. If there are a lot of empty sites, they’ll be focused on recruiting enthusiastic franchisees to fill them. However, a competent manager will also assist you in running your region efficiently. That might imply more cooperation or referrals between stores or additional training for your demographic. When they detect an issue that you don’t see, they come to your aid.

Local promotion

Area managers are employed by many franchisors to organize local marketing campaigns that are tailored to your clientele and location. Marketing initiatives sometimes take advantage of the area’s attractions or public events, attracting potential customers. An area manager will have a voice in how to work with other sites nearby, whether it’s through sponsorships or targeted marketing.

Mentor and guide

A competent manager will understand your strengths and look for ways to improve the company. They’ll study your operation and see whether they’re able to help if necessary. Because franchise managers oversee a wide territory with numerous locations, you’ll probably only run into each other once a week. Ideally, you should schedule a meeting for the day before and plan to focus on your questions or issues.

An area manager is rewarded for a robust area that supports the corporate mission. Their tasks include driving higher revenue through more site sales, but it also demands a commitment to individual franchisees and the others around you.

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