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May 13, 2019

The U.S. self storage industry is booming! It’s more than likely that you have come across a self-storage facility while driving or maybe even seen a portable storage unit on your neighbor’s lawn. More and more people are choosing self storage and portable moving containers as a storage or moving option. As of now, the U.S. self storage industry is a $38 billion dollar industry and is experiencing sustained growth. Read on to find out why investing in a self storage franchise is right for you.

Why is self storage in demand?

It’s an undeniable fact that the self storage industry has seen impressive and steady growth over the past few years. The main reason that the self-storage industry has experienced such exponential growth is because of residential downsizing and cross-state moves. The demographic of individuals utilizing self storage are mainly comprised of young families seeking affordable housing and boomers looking to downsize for retirement.

What is the market demand for self storage?

With an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching the age of retirement in the U.S. each year, self storage is an becoming more and more in demand. The Self Storage Association estimates that 1 out of 10 individuals will use self-storage in their lifetime, meaning that the demand for storage units is not only strong, but steadily growing. This makes a self storage franchise a sustainable investment for many years to come.

Is self storage a sustainable industry?

The main reason why self storage is such an attractive investment for investors is because of the resilience of the self storage industry. The self storage industry is one of the most profitable industries to invest in is because of the unique factor that storage units remains in demand even in times of economic distress. In an upward economy, consumers are likely to purchase more items and utilize any extra income to rent a storage unit to store any extra belongings. In times of economic distress, people often downsize and require extra space to store the belongings they can no longer store at home. This makes self storage the most unique and sustainable franchised investments.

Why you should start investing with UNITS

UNITS is the top moving and portable storage franchise opportunity. Franchising with UNITS is different from any other self storage franchise because UNITS directly competes in four massive industries: self-storage, on-site storage, self-service moving, and long-distance moves. UNITS offers the best quality portable storage units, a proven management team, and flexible franchise models that let you work your own hours. To find out more about franchising with UNITS contact our team or call (843)-214-2958 today!

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