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May 14, 2019

For individuals looking to make a long term investment,  income producing real estate is one of the smartest investments they could make. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right income producing asset to suit your lifestyle. Here are some reasons why self storage is one of the best income producing real estate investments you can make.

What is an income producing investment?

Income producing assets are real estate investment properties that generate profit in a periodic manner. Real estate investments are commonly commercial buildings or rental properties that lease out the the space to tenants, but the market for rentals is often saturated, especially in cities or college towns.

Is there a better option?

Fortunately, self-storage is one of the most unique and resilient real estate investments to make. There are various advantages a self storage franchise has over traditional income producing real estate assets. Not only is self-storage one of the easiest and cheapest income producing properties to invest in, it is the most profitable. Most investors that invest in a self storage franchise enjoy passive income while living their lifestyles.

Why self storage works!

What draws so many investors to self storage investments are the fact that they are “low maintenance, high return” investments. Most self storage franchise owners employ a full-time on-site manager and enjoy the benefits with little or no work. Many investors are attracted to self storage investments over commercial or residential properties because they are economically resilient, simple to simple, and low-risk to run.

Why invest with UNITS?

UNITS is the top moving and portable storage franchise opportunity in the nation. UNITS directly competes in four massive industries: self-storage, on-site storage, self-service moving, and long-distance moves. This makes franchising with UNITS different from any other self storage franchise. UNITS offers the best quality portable storage units, a proven management team, and flexible franchise models that let you work your own hours. See the UNITS difference! Contact our team or call (843)-214-2958 today to learn more!

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